Patek Philippe ‘The Birds Of Paradise Fountain Clock’

Patek Philippe 'The Birds Of Paradise Fountain Clock'

The Birds of Paradise Fountain Clock by Patek Phillipe is a spectacular clock made from yellow gold, silver, diamond, ruby, rock crystal, chrysoprase, rose quartz, sodalite and enamel.

The clock has a Swiss B21 quartz movement with 13 jewels, a pavé -set diamond gold dial, with applied baguette-cut ruby quarter hour numerals, dial and movement in a yellow gold circular case. The bezel is diamond and the gold and diamond-set hands are set within a realistically flowing water rock-crystal fountain, interspersed with gold and diamond-set mounts. Gold tree bark-finish branches support quarts pools which contain white gold beneath rock crystal depicting the water.

The branches support three realistically sculptured gold birds of paradise, each one either at rest, flying or taking off. Two of the birds are set with multi-coloured enamel and diamonds while the third has white enamel to its wings accented by diamonds and rubies.

There is green chrysoprase and diamond-set leaves and foliage throughout the clock and the whole scene is supported by a large oval sodalite and a yellow gold and silver water fountain bowl, accented by yellow gold decoration and base.

The clock is 38cm high and weighs 6.78kg and the case, dial and movement are signed.

The guide price is 3,000,000 – 5,000,000 HKD.

Patek Philippe 'The Birds Of Paradise Fountain Clock'

Patek Philippe 'The Birds Of Paradise Fountain Clock'

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